We are well under way in the 2017 breeding season with a few of the BHP’s, GTP’s & Olive Pythons both normal & Albino lines already ovulating & getting ready for their prelay sloughs. A very exciting year here @ Jenbert Pythons so make sure you keep an eye out for more updates in the next couple of months. Some of the pairings for this season listed below.

  • Pinstriped 100% het Axanthic x Pinstriped Axanthic. Both lacking melanin so some white chins amongst the offspring again ( we were that pleased with the 2016 clutch we decided to repeat it again).
  • Pinstriped Axanthic White Chin x 100 % Het Axanthic (mother to our Silvers).
  • 100% Het Axanthic(father to the Silvers x Axanthic Silver (Daughter).
  • Dajarra Red Mother Son combo that produced our line of Axanthic & the Black patched offspring.
  • Wild Caught WA Pilbara BHP’s (Tom Price Station near Karijini National Park)
  • Albino Olive x Albino Olive Python.
  • Normal Olive Pythons.
  • Aussie Green Tree Pythons.
  • Biak & Sorong Type Green Tree Pythons.
  • RHD Woma (Repeat pairing that produced our RP RHD’s in 2016) along with a sib pairing of the reduced pattern lines.

All the best to everyone breeding this year.

Rob & Jenny