Black-headed Pythons are our speciality

Over the last decade or so we have been keeping & breeding Australian reptiles for the Australian reptile industry but more so for our own passion for these magnificent animals. A family run business with husband & wife team Jenny & Rob making up our quirky business name “Jenbert” we both have grown from novice keepers to fulltime keepers & breeders here in Australia.

Black-headed Python has become one of our favorite species in our collection since we started our journey with reptiles. Over a period of time we have accumulated an array of different designer animals without even realizing that they had captured our attention. Some of the different morphs in Black-headed Python’s we are working with are Hypo’s that lack Black melanin(High Reds), Axanthics, Pinstriped Axanthics & White Chinned Axanthics that lack melanin under their chin which we endeavor to enhance attempting to create a Black-headed Python that has a white head. Yellow & Pin striped Black-headed Python’s with what we call a Spotting appearance line bred trait in various colour morphs & of course now we have what we like to call the Silver Axanthic (Yet to be proven Hypo Axanthic or Ghost Black-headed Python). In the next few years we will very excited with the projects we will be working with. & of course we will keep you all updated with our progress with these magnificent looking Black-Headed Python’s.

Feel free to drop us an email through our contacts page above, or just browse the Sales pages for what is available, we will be updating our web site regularly throughout the year so keep an eye out. We can also be found on Facebook.

Rob & Jenny