Although we breed various species we have concentrated on Black-headed Python breeding in this section as in our opinion they are one of the harder species to breed, all other species are mimicked to what we do for the BHP’s.
Temps for the season are mid to high 30’s & ambient nights, in our area we don’t have to run night temps in the enclosures at all so when the sun goes down the temps are off also. Our breeding season starts with preparation well before any pairings are made so around January the condition of the females are assessed & their strict diet for the next few months is planned. Year round we follow the daylight periods for our area & lighting reflects that with a sensor light activated by sunlight that turns the lights on automatically at sun up then turns them off again at sun down. Simple & easy with no fuss.
The selected males are always introduced to the females never the other way around, her enclosure is already scented with her scent which is a great stimulant  for the male.
Males are left with the female until they Ovulate unless we are using a particular male to breed with another female then we cycle them 4 days with each female but make sure we also give them a break between each one. Once the female has ovulated then the males job has been done & your female is gravid. The male can return to normal cycling in his own enclosure. Ovulation starts from mid July for seasoned females, generally 1st timers or younger females are always a little later then them.
Below is some various pictures of our breeding room, incubator and the stages of blackheaded python breeding